Q: What does 199903 mean?

A: It does have no special meaning. You can remember it as: March, 1999.

Q: How to get an free email account at 199903.xyz?

A: All accounts were opened by hand. Please drop an email to: [email protected]

Q: Does it have any limitation on mailbox size and message volume?

A: It currently doesn't have.

Q: Can the owner read user's messages?

A: He can't. The storage is run by third party systems.

Q: What is default webmail address?

A: https://webmail.199903.xyz (default is RoundCube)

Q: Is there any alternative webmail interface?

A: https://www.199903.xyz/squirrelmail (SquirrelMail)

Q: What is pop3 server and port?

A: mail.199903.xyz:995, SSL enabled.

Q: What is imap server and port?

A: mail.199903.xyz:993, SSL enabled.

Q: What is smtp server and port?

A: mail.199903.xyz:465, SSL enabled.

Q: Where is the mail server located at?

A: Netherlands South Holland Naaldwijk.



You can NOT send spam or scam messages using 199903.xyz email, otherwise I have the privileges to disable the account.



Owner: Jeffpan

Email: [email protected]

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